Burrata di Bufala

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Individual 120g

A ball of the finest, buffalo milk mozzarella, filled with cream. Tear it apart and let the cream spill on to your plate. Rich, luscious and supremely delicious.

Country of Origin: Italy
Milk Variety: Buffalo

Style of Cheese: Soft
Vegetarian?: No
Unpasteurised? No

Almost indescribably luscious and delicious, our Burrata is a ball of the finest buffalo milk mozzarella which is formed into a hollow pouch and then filled with fresh curds and cream which spill out of the core onto your plate when you gently tear the cheese apart with your hands. Just like the finest Mozzarella di Bufala, it must never be sliced with a knife! It is rich, creamy and delicious with a delicate milky taste and just a hint of sourness to freshen the palate and stop it from being cloying. It must be eaten as fresh as possible and as we import it direct from Italy every week, when it’s gone, it’s gone!