Small Beer

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Session Pale - A truly sessionable Pale Ale that balances bright citrus aromas, and a hint of the tropics with a mouthwateringly juicy taste - 2.3 Steam - From the world's first Small Beer Brewery, 'The Original Small Beer Steam' is a rich rye style beer. The nose is all dried fruits and spice with a grapefruit zest on the pallet and a bold hoppy bitterness on the finish. Arguably bridging the gap between Lager & Ale, it's a delicious beer! - 2.7% From the world's first small beer brewery, 'The Original Small Beer Lager' is rooted in the pilsner style, a Saaz hop backbone provides the continental nose & the undeniable bitterness on the finish. A sprinkling of Mosaic & Galena give subtle hints of white fruit, a nod to new world aroma. Clean, crisp and fresh - a brilliantly refreshing beer! - 2.3%