Clever Bean Hot Chocolate

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'Handmade micro-batch bean to bar artisan chocolate made in Godalming, Surrey, UK.

Clever Bean Chocolate was started in 2018 by Dan Manning after he tried and experimented with different chocolate tempering techniques and flavors in order to create Christmas presents for family. Following this initial interest, 6 months and many failed attempts later Clever Bean Chocolate started selling a small amount of chocolate at Farnham farmers market and we have grown ever since!
We don't use any artificial additives, just a few natural ingredients to create tasty chocolate bars with a high cocoa content.'

Clever Bean Organic Drinking Chocolate is grated to create the perfect hot chocolate. Simply bring a pan of milk to a gentle simmer, remove from the heat and add the chocolate, return to the heat and whisk until all the chocolate has melted. Enjoy!