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Gutsy Monkey


Made in Dorking, Surrey

Made with love, laughter and warming spices, this Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin is a full-bodied, rich and smooth tipple with subtle citrus and complex aromatic highlights. It has also been hand-crafted in tiny quantities in a traditional copper pot still.

Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin is created with a deep mellow juniper from Croatia, fresh ginger, thyme and lime zest, allspice, black pepper, cumin and coriander. It is 48% vol. which holds more essential oils from the fresh ingredients to ensure it bursts with flavour. When diluted these are released to form tiny bubbles of essential oils which change its colour to a pearleascent frosty white. Simply amazing!

Serve over ice with a premium tonic, a squeeze of lime, two slapped sage leaves and a slice of red pepper, or in a warm gin punch made with apple and pear juice, stirred with a cinnamon stick.