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BTW Tonic Syrup


At London gin bar "214 Bermondsey", Nick Crispini set out to bring together the widest array of gins from the best distilleries. However, he & fellow gin lover Lawrence Mason found that the diversity of gin is often obscured by the taste of most commercial tonics. Nick & Lawrence therefore set out to develop a new tonic, designed to preserve & complement the unique flavours in every gin. The result is a smooth & crisp tonic with only natural quinine flavours & none of the commonly found cloying bitter-sweetness of other tonics. BTW's natural quinine content comes from the Cinchona bark, which also lends the tonic its distinctive golden hue. Crafted in Bermondsey, London, BTW is an all-natural tonic dedicated to enhancing the experience of a G&T.
Makes 20 Serves.